Many years ago I faced a multitude of disastrous events and upheavals in my life after a virtual lifetime of change in my ever-changing tumultuous world of advertising and communications.

I found myself regularly sleeping with fear and discovered that I was not unique contemplating suicide.

At my darkest and most hopeless moment, I stumbled onto the secret I’d been searching for all my life as an agency president and artist - the source of creativity ... and, coincidently, solutions to life problems simultaneously.

Initially, I began sharing the technique with other creative minds in my own profession and eventually extended the invitation to include others who showed interest.

Since the first ‘Tank’ in 1988, the week’s program has been enhanced each year to make it more diverse, effective and relaxing in a truly tropical environment which immediately demands an open mind.

I recommend this week to anyone whose vocation demands a creative mind and the maintenance of a competitive edge. The concepts learned will guide anyone with an open mind to their goal of happiness.

It is particularly recommended to those who want to learn how to kill stress, anxiety, worry and fear literally at will and begin to see marked improvement in every facet of their life.

W.S.H. (Bill) Whitehead, M.A.P, F.I.C.A.