(which is a pure Latin word for learning) has now discovered what metaphysical and spiritual teachers have known since the beginning of written history. Our physical world is not composed of material or mass as it appears but rather its fundamental component is pure energy. We also now know that all such energy is vibratory ... vibrating at different rates to appear as different forms and in different colours.

As Human Beings,

we too are energy and with a unique instrument with which to think, reason, feel pain, make decisions, conduct motor-action and store information. The brain is in actual fact a transmitting-receiving radio station which quite literally operates on a frequency of 1-30 hertz.

There is a Force...

within us which can be an endless source of practical and creative ideas for as many applications as we wish to trust it to ... by ‘consciously’ clicking in to it. In addition, and of particular interest to some, this force can improve our health, happiness, supply, peace of mind and ability to solve seemingly and previously impossible tasks and problems.

The Think Tank...

traditionally held in Montego Bay, Jamaica, offers those interested in such matters an opportunity to learn more about the vast possibilities of this resource while investigating several exciting techniques such as ‘Creative Visualization’, ‘Time Manipulation’ and ‘Self-Hypnosis’.


we cloister ourselves in comfortable and safe accommodations in the environs of Montego Bay, Jamaica. The distance is less than 4 hours by air from Toronto and side trips to the ‘real’ Jamaica are simple from there. Safety, special diets and comfort are given special attention while every effort is made to guarantee a unique tropical experience including authentic foods, music and philosophy in a black society not long freed from its own slavery.

A Daily Learning Experience...

in a different colour and heritage that goes back to the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon.

In Five Simple Steps...

over a period of as many mornings, we progress from Illumination, Clicking-in, Intuition, and Meditation to actually turning dreams or visions into reality and solving problems through Creative Visualization, Affirmation and Meditation.

Not Everyone

who attends fully comprehends what is happening initially, nor is ready to completely believe how the philosophy actually works, but everyone leaves the island experience much wiser and with more vision than they had before ... asking questions and viewing situations in a new way. Some have returned several times and admit that the experience has changed their attitude about previously stressful aspects of their life.

What is Premonition?

Can we actually heal ourselves? Do we make ourselves ill? How can we ‘manufacture’ real happiness? Can we actually ‘think’ our life better? ... our business? our love-life? life goals? prosperity?

The Answer...

to these questions and many more can be found by applying the principles we discuss during the Think Tank. Make no mistake, we do not get into cults or religions here, although it is difficult not to draw many parallels with some of the world’s religious dogmas and see for the first time how they came to be.

You Will Enjoy a Most Restful Week,

friendly people who know us and want to serve our every need, sights few tourists are privy to, and an introduction to some new techniques of thinking which will definitely change your life forever. The degree of change, of course, depends on willingness, an open mind and an honest interest to expand it into another dimension.

The Two Killers

in life are anxiety and stress. When we learn to eliminate fear from our lives, positive things begin to happen. That is a proven fact!

Over 90% of the Things...

we worry about and wrestle with in life NEVER HAPPEN. We CAN make positive things happen in our life ... and it’s never too late!